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Aga Khan University, Pakistan: Admissions 2011

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A very Happy and Peacefull New Year – 2011

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Exclusive Download: Mind, Heart & Soul in the Fight Against POVERTY by Katherine Marshall and Lucy Keough

Review: In book, Katherine Marshall and Lucy Keough provide a comprehensive analysis of the role of faith in the global fight against poverty, advocating increased dialogue among development institutions. Marshall and Keough explore numerous issues ranging from community level interventions … Continue reading

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Aga Khan University, Pakistan: 200 AKU Alumni Participate in Free Health Camps

Karachi, Pakistan, December 28, 2010: Health camps offering free medical checkups and advice were set up in Karimabad, Federal B Area; Bilal Colony, Korangi; Sultanabad, and the New Sabzi Mandi areas of Karachi by Aga Khan University alumni, as part … Continue reading

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Preserving Heritage, and the Fabric of Life, in Syria

ALEPPO, Syria — At first glance it seems an unremarkable scene: a quiet plaza shaded by date palms in the shadow of this city’s immense medieval Citadel, newly restored to its looming power. Foreign tourists sit side by side with … Continue reading

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Windows 8 on ARM, but don’t hold your breath

All signs point to the next version of Windows running on ARM, the emerging global silicon standard for smartphones and tablets. But don’t get too excited–it won’t happen until 2012 at the earliest and just as likely not until 2013. … Continue reading

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Both High, Low Levels of Vitamin D in Older Women May Be Problematic

Both low and high levels of vitamin D are associated with increased risk of frailty in older women, a new study finds. Researchers measured vitamin D levels and assessed frailty in thousands of women aged 69 and older. The risk … Continue reading

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