WHO: Suicides leading cause of deaths

ISLAMABAD – “As for suicide, it is one of the leading causes of death in the world”, as said WHO statement informed Dr. Murad M Khan, Professor and Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, Aga Khan University while addressing a Seminar “Suicide in Pakistan” organised by Shifa International Hospital on World Psychiatry Day.

Dr Khan informed that suicide is the act of intentionally killing of oneself; the involved factors are biological, psychological, social, economical and even personal. Worldwide the ratio of people committing suicide is approx 0.8-1 million. Out of 100 ideation cases, 10-20 attempt suicide and approximately 1 is included in the list of the suicidal cases. The age limit of majority is from 15-35.
According to the WHO reports, there is minimum number of suicide cases that are found in the Muslim countries. Suicide rates in the developing countries are approximately 85 percent in Low and Middle Income countries, less than 40 percent in Asia and less than 12 percent in South Asia.

Dr Khan informed that 80 percent of the suicidal cases were clinical psychological cases and 90 percent of them were suffering from a psychiatric illness. It has been reported that more women attempt for suicide but it is more likely that success rate in committing suicide is more in men. It is also noted that more married women and more single men commit suicide.
The suicide rates in Pakistan are approximately 6000- 8000/year, in which attempts are 60,000- 160,000/year. This approximate figure represents people belonging to all ages, genders, sects, religions, cultures, ethnics, regions, etc.On this occasion, Dr Abdul Wahab, Consultant Psychiatrist Shifa International Hospital, said it is important to take the suicidal cases seriously and provide fund by the government for the mental health.

Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and medical students of the twin cities attended the program. A question-answer session was followed and a workshop was arranged. Dr Murad M Khan, Dr Abdul Wahab, Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Abdul Salam, Director of Emergency Room and Dr Assad Nabi, Senior Medical Officer in Shifa International Hospital were the facilitators of the workshop. Case studies were elaborated and discussed in the workshop.

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