Ramooz e Ishq (kalam by Hazrat Baidam Shah Warsi)

Iconic Abida Parveen graces the Coke Studio platform this season. Parveen is well-known for her Sufi works and at Coke Studio she brings some never-before heard combination of Sufi kaafis and doahs.

Unlike the rest of her repertoire, ‘Ramooz-e-Ishq’ is in Urdu (also popularly titled ‘Mein Hun Mashhoor’), and dwells on the love man has for his Creator.

The piece has been composed in such a way so that the emphasis remains on the Sufi message. So even as the entire Eastern-Western house band plays music — violin, bass, drums, keyboard et al — the sounds being produced are very subtle during her renditions. The focus is entirely on the singing and giving Parveen space to express herself.


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2 Responses to Ramooz e Ishq (kalam by Hazrat Baidam Shah Warsi)

  1. Nooruddin Jalal says:

    “Oss ko Chutti Na Mlli Jis Nay Sabaq Yaad Kiya” Mind-blowing performance by Abida Parveen. O’ Queen of wanderer souls keep shaking us with your healing voice. Love it:)!!!! –

  2. Fizza110 says:

    Abida jee Eshk hain khud ya hi wajah hay k woh eshk main dobi hoi aawaz ahal a dil k dilon ko parwaz aata karti hay .

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