Aga Khan University, Pakistan: Empowering Students to Change the Future


“Today’s young people are the leaders of tomorrow,” said Shehzad Roy, musician and founder president of Zindagi Trust to students, parents and educationists at the annual Aga Khan University Examination Board high achievers awards ceremony held at the University. The ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of the Board’s secondary and higher secondary candidates.

“By offering students the opportunity for a good education, we are empowering them to overcome the challenges presented by our rapidly changing world, and to contribute to their community and society in a positive way,” added Roy.

“AKU-EB has set a paradigm for high quality education in Pakistan. We share a mutual goal of looking forward ten, twenty years from now to see the tremendous difference that these young people can make in our country, as they are equipped with knowledge and have the skills to apply it effectively,” said Mr Roy. As a humanitarian and an advocate for providing access to education to underprivileged children – through his Zindagi Trust Foundation – Mr  Roy captivated all those who attended the ceremony.

This year AKU-EB awarded 180 distinctions spread across different subjects and groups to SSC and HSSC candidates from 23 different cities in the country. Certificates and cash prizes were also distributed to the top three SSC and HSSC position holders. The top three SSC positions were awarded to Hooria Imran, Komal Zehra Zaidi and Sarah Salahuddin, respectively; while the top HSSC positions were awarded to Hani Ghulam Abbas, Asma Gulab and Raaza Malja.

This is AKU-EB’s fifth year of successfully conducting SSC and HSSC examinations. To commemorate the achievement a video showcasing the Board’s alumni, who are now studying at leading universities across Pakistan and abroad, was shown. “We are extremely pleased to be able to see where our alumni are now, and we look forward to being able to see what mark this year’s high achievers will leave on the world in the upcoming years. This is the end result all of us have been waiting for – when our students are successfully studying at some of the world’s top universities and well on their way to making strides in a diverse range of fields and professions,” remarked Ms Karima Kara, Associate Director, AKU-EB.

via AKU, AKU-Press

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    this is really great work and though the resultw would not be known for a long time we know it for sure that they would be [positive and very encouraging for the individual,community,country and the educational institution keep it you all thanks for the encouraging work.

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