AKU, Nairobi: Cancer Heathcare Providers Suffer As Much As Patients

There is a commonly held misconception that healthcare workers see so much pain and death in the course of their careers that they become numb and insensitive, devoid of any emotions.

On the contrary, cancer care professionals who work daily with patients and families struggling through the devastating illness shoulder an agonising emotional burden.

Doctors and nurses often respond to patients who are experiencing intense pain or suffering with sad feelings of their own; but for many years they have struggled to conceal this by hiding behind professionalism.

Grief, futility, emotional exhaustion and guilt, are realities confronted by all who work with cancer patients. Cancer treatment is a long complex journey. Nurses and doctors forge close and long lasting relationships with patients during this journey.

The public rarely gets to know that behind the scenes, healthcare professionals often struggle with the need to undertake heroic interventions even when the patients have no realistic chance of cure.

This can be followed by a sense of failure and frustration when the patient’s illness progresses. |…|

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  1. salim habib says:

    we all have a predetermined and predestined path to follow which has both roses and thrones on it during our life times,life would not be worth kiving without both sorrow and pain,good and bad,light and darkness we can not change anything here as soon as the winding of the toys is over or the battery goes dead -nowadays-that’s it.

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