Aga Khan University 24th Convocation 2011

Four Ph.D’s among over 300 Graduates at AKU’s 24th Convocation

The 24th Convocation of Aga Khan University held on Saturday, November 12, 2011, marked a special day in the lives of 317 graduates as they were awarded degrees in recognition of their hard work and perseverance. Four students were awarded Doctor of Philosophy degrees this year, one in Education and three in the Health Sciences. In addition to the four doctoral degrees, 313 other degrees were also conferred during the course of the day-long event. During the morning session graduands from two academic entities received their degrees. The Institute for Educational Development awarded 40 Master of Education degrees, and the Medical College 95 Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degrees, 10 Master of Science degrees in the fields of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Health Policy and Management and Clinical Research, as well as 19 Master of Bioethics degrees. 

Addressing the audience, the Chief Guest, Her Excellency Dr Suraya Dalil, Acting Minister of Public Health, Afghanistan, highlighted how AKU has enabled its students and alumni to soar to academic heights, setting the highest standards of professional excellence, which are internationally recognised and nationally prized. “Not only has AKU broken new ground in the delivery of health care and education, but also by combining education and health delivery it has built a synergy that has mutually reinforced both disciplines,” she added.  Dr Dalil pointed out there were six Afghan graduands at Convocation: two with Master of Education and four with Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees.

The afternoon session belonged to the School of Nursing with 149 students graduating; these included 10 Master of Science in Nursing, 29 Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 50 Post-RN Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and 60 Diploma in General Nursing, Asif Jafferani and Zara Rafiq, recipients of the Best Graduate Award from the Medical College and School of Nursing respectively were greeted with rapturous applause by the entire gathering. Highlighting AKU’s commitment to nurturing the leaders of the future, President Firoz Rasul emphasised the professional competence and capacity to solve problems that the University had ingrained in each of the graduands.

“A shifting global order, like the one we are witnessing today … offers tremendous opportunities for you, as individual graduates, and for this region of South and Central Asia overall. Your ability to reap the benefits from these opportunities lies firmly in your willingness to invest time and energy to participate in building civil society institutions, governance systems and social structures so that stability can take root,” he added. The event was attended by a large number of dignitaries including the delegation accompanying the Honourable Dr Suraya Dalil.

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  1. salim habib says:

    quality of health care services and the medical degrees to this students and the general public both nationly and internationaly woo set into motion a chain reaction that other such instituion would emulatand this will be a very great boost to the level o fthe medical education ad care.keep it up aku

  2. Jackline says:

    Good work done by aghakan. Incase, i want to join a two year course IED, Just like the recently joined ie, nov 2011, where do they take their course from, is gt from Nairobi, or Tanzania?

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