Download: The Qur’an: An Encyclopedia By Oliver Leaman

Review: The Qur’an is the source of inspiration for one of the world’s major religions, followed today by over a billion people. It plays a central role in Islam and ever since it appeared fourteen hundred years ago it has been the subject of intense debate. Some of this has been carried out by Muslims and some by those hostile or indifferent to Islam, producing a very wide range of views.

Authored by forty-three international experts,The Qur’an: An Encyclopaedia presents this diversity of thought, approach, and school without priority, in order to give a strong appreciation of the range of response that the text has provoked throughout its history, and provides students and researchers with a powerful one-volume resource covering all aspects of the text and its reception.

The complete Book “The Qur’an: An Encyclopedia By Oliver Leaman” is available for Download in Pdf Version.

The Book can be download from:

*Note: The Book is in Pdf format, first Install Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or above

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