Istanbul’s Disaster Education Centre concept doubles as emergency housing

Portugal’s OODA architectural firm has conceptualized a Disaster Education Centre that also doubles as an emergency shelter in the event of a real-life disaster. The centre has been designed for the city of Istanbul and would be fully equipped with adequate technology and facilities to respond to a natural emergency. The centre focuses on educating the public about disasters, with a special focus on earthquakes and floods. The design of the building reflects this theme, resembling an emergency cross symbol that has fallen onto its side, as if affected by an earthquake.

The exterior design of the building creates a striking landmark for the city of Istanbul. The fallen cross shape creates a large public outdoor space, which could host commercial shops and restaurants.

The structure’s interior boasts a multi-level space that is connected through a central point. This design encourages the public to interact with the building, whilst also guiding visitors through the exhibition spaces and interactive activities on natural disasters. The OODA concept for the center includes an extensive research library, 4D cinema, planetarium, rainstorm simulation, conference halls and meeting rooms.

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