Karim Aga Khan IV and his life’s work – A Documentary Video

The European media carry a convenient, ready-made world of the Aga Khan. The real person of the Aga Khan, however, fits into a single pattern: born in Switzerland, western educated, trained at Harvard, traveled widely in the Islamic and European culture anchored, he is committed to democracy and pluralism, for rights and dignity of human beings. It’s commitment goes far beyond their own Muslim religious community.

The biggest regret of the 75th Imam is his experience that in the western world does not give in-depth knowledge of Islamic culture. In the humanities, the arts, the culture is for him the level at which Europe could meet each other and Islam, at eye level and with all its diversity. Allowed to take this bridge can be seen as the life’s work and legacy of Karim Aga Khan.

Two years followed the filmmaker Veronika Hofer and travel in the footsteps of the Aga Khan. Two years it took for the media-shy imam in Nairobi, in his childhood home was one interview, from which a long, very personal and frank discussion was. It represents the core of the documentation that goes with the Aga Khan on a journey through a world with which Europe needs to employ in their own interest.

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