Sitara Akber – A Pakistani Girl sets New World record in G.C.E O’levels

Eleven years old Sitara Akbar set new world record in O levels and also holds the title of the youngest Pakistani candidate in IELTS.

A Pakistani girl has become the youngest student in the world to have passed the British Ordinary Level (O’Level) examination. Sitara Brooj Akbar, at the age of 11, passed six O’level subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

In addition to this honour, Sitara also holds the title of being the youngest Pakistani candidate of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and successfully attained seven bands out of nine, scoring 7.5 in the testing system. The little genius from Chiniot (Punjab) has been making headlines across local media but is yet to receive any recognition from the Government of Pakistan.

“We don’t need any sort of monetary aid from the government, we just want the government to recognise that Sitara has made a shining example for Pakistan on the international stage and she is the daughter of Pakistan,” Sitara’s father Ali Akbar told Ali Akbar added that the British Council has declared and recognised Sitara’s feat as the world’s youngest student to have passed O’level exams. However, she has only been declared the youngest IELTS candidate in Pakistan, and not across the world, as the British Council is yet to confirm her feat globally.

Speaking to, Sitara’s mother mentioned that her daughter is a great fan of Dr Abdus Salam, Pakistan’s sole Nobel laurete and aims to become a top researcher in the field of biochemistry.

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5 Responses to Sitara Akber – A Pakistani Girl sets New World record in G.C.E O’levels

  1. salim habib says:

    Pakistan is still the country that we love and remember very fondly the time that i have spent inn the former east Pakistan and even in the west,may Allah shower His choicest blessings on Pakistan both the wings of course by producing likes of sitara akber amen

  2. iceman18 says:

    Wow! Sitara’s going to do great things in this world. However, I hope and pray that her family and friends embrace the child that she still is. No person should miss their childhood. Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods are examples of amazing talents that, at the hands of their fathers own troubled ways, unfortunately missed out on their youth.

  3. humera nasser says:

    allaha iss pakitsan ki betee sehat or koushe ata farmaiy or isse tarha ye kameyabi ki manzeel thay karey ye pakistan ka nam isse tarha roshan kary ameen somaameen.

  4. aqil says:

    we give her and family congratulation on great success

  5. Ema says:

    Congratulation to her family .Allah give her more more success in future.(Amen)

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