Aga Khan museum being built near Don Mills and Eglinton in Toronto

Ten things Toronto can look forward to in 2013

One year ends, a new one arrives, and with it hopes for something better. However irrational, that is the expectation for 2013 — that things will improve for Toronto. Let’s face it, 2012 wasn’t the city’s finest year. Which is not to say that we will get our civic act together, but here are a few of the things we’re looking forward to in the 12 months ahead, in no particular order:

  • Occupying a large suburban site at Eglinton Ave. E. and Wynford Dr., the Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Center will transform this part of Toronto. Already the magnificent complex is turning heads — for now, mostly those watching as they drive by on the northbound DVP. When complete, its effect will be felt across the city. The architects including Fumihiko Maki and Charles Correa have created a place of surpassing beauty. As an act of faith in Toronto, a gift to the city, the center is unparalleled. |…|

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3 Responses to Aga Khan museum being built near Don Mills and Eglinton in Toronto

  1. J LaLone says:

    I cannot make a specific comment, because not enough information is provided. What is the purpose of this complex? Who will use the complex? It this a gift to toronto with no strings attached? Is this a Moslem Mosque and learning center? Or is is a non-religiously affiliated complex to be used as museum, classrooms, art classes, and a number of non-sectarian activities involvling no religious or political themes?

  2. HI
    Its clearly stated in the above para that it is a Islamic Museum and a Ismaili Centre. Museum to promote and preserve Islamic Art and culture and Ismaili center means a religious and learning center where not only Ismaili perform there prayers but all other people come and learn about the Islamic and Ismaili fundamentals. Hope this clear your query

    if not then do visit the following sites:


  3. salim habib says:

    whatever people perceive about this magnificent project the only thing that is spiritually important is the fact that this project would send out spiritual waves and energy of immeasurable frequency and strength all over the world and also to all the heavens,i am sure even all the divine angels are watching this with grace and anxious anticipation for the project to emit more and more spiritual energy to both the worlds when finished, this would benefit not only the Islamic civilizations of all the times but the entire humanity at large Amen.

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