Blog History


The Beginning

The Story: The purpose of creating The Informatics Blog has come in my mind, when one of my colleagues called and asked about the Golden Jubilee visit of Dubai, she wanted some snaps and stuff for the presentation in Religious Education Centre. I went to my computer, surf the internet and sent her the relevant info immediately, while turning off the computer, out of the blue, it struck into my mind that why on earth I was searching the whole internet and kept visiting the different websites for the sake of that information; why wouldn’t I make a blog of my own? Where I would be able to put the information not regarding the ismaili world only, but also for general public; so that by providing the bulk of information on a single blog, it could help people saving their precious time and efforts, they usually spend in seeking for getting their desired information. The purpose is simple, to help my colleagues and friends around the world and just want to do something new.

The Informatics began its life on November 23, 2008. At the time, I had absolutely no idea how to create a weblog. I didn’t know how to design, I didn’t know any HTML, hadn’t even heard of cascading style sheets. I had to use Microsoft HTML Editor.

To promote this blog a bit, I headed over to a popular forums where I put a link to my site in my signature. I did end up posting quite a bit, trying my best not to spam it everywhere.

Soon after the December 2008, I started looking at other Ismaili websites and got some ideas for a better design and layout. I made a simple one which was much easier on the eyes, and had a proper structure. Many Professional Bloggers like IsmailiMail help us making our blog look more professional.

The Growth Spurt

Halfway through March 2009 I recieve many requests and suggestions (Thanks to our visitors) about new additions. On April 14, 2009 we Introduce different sections for reader, teachers and students.

These Section are:

Education Section

In this section we try to provide books and study material in Pdf for teachers and students. These books and study materials are divided in to sub sections: Academic Section, Islamic Art & Culture Section, Early Childhood Section, Speeches Section.

The Ismaili Centre Section

This section consist the information regarding 5 Ismaili Centres around the world. This section provide complete details regarding building, planning and launcing of these Ismaili Centres.


This Section provide some creative work from our one of the members.


This section provide new and latest scholarhsips opportunites for our south Asia students. Note: We only provide info


This section provide usefull information regarding some known education fileds like CA ACCA CIMA CIA and this section is still in beta and its been updating time to time.

IIS Publication

This section provide the latest updated and published books by Institute of Ismaili Studies.

The New Look

Now we try to provide better and more userfriendly weblook to our readers and in this regards we timely updated our blog.

3 Responses to Blog History

  1. naynamauve says:

    Ahmad – a quick note to thank you for some great resources in the academic section. I really appreciate your time to put these up – especially the CIMA guides which are otherwise so ridiculously expensive.

    Best wishes

  2. thanks naina for appreciating my efforts.


  3. Mistry says:

    Hi Ahmad – Nayna had forwarded me a link to your site and I also wanted to thank you… particularly for the CIMA guides which were an invaluable aid to my studies. I’ve read some of your Ismaili content too and it’s very good – much appreciated resource!

    Thank you!

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