An Anthology of Qur’anic Commentaries – Volume I: On the Nature of the Divine


This volume is a collection of Muslim exegeses, across confessions, on six verses of the Qurʾan brought together under the thematic title of “the Nature of the Divine”. The aim of this collection is to demonstrate the richness of the genre of Qurʾanic commentary and the plurality of interpretative voices that have engaged the text of the scripture. By drawing on commentaries, many well-known but others less so, the purpose has been to present the broadest possible range of Muslim commentaries on the Qurʾan, from as many perspectives and as many styles as considered feasible within the covers of a single volume. This volume then is intended to make available a representative selection of this literature in English, but at the same time to be comprehensive in the treatment of this selection, primarily by translating the text word for word and by guiding the reader with contextual material in the accompanying annotation.

This Anthology uses 20 works of Qurʾanic commentary.– More at Source

pdf_iconDownload Complete Introduction

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