First Edition of Nasirian Ethics in Tajik Language


The translation was commissioned by the IIS, through its Central Asian Studies Unit, to scholars from the Khujand State University, including Professor Nosirjon Salimov, the rector of KSU, and Professor Umeda Ghafforova. The scholars prepared the critical edition of the book with an introduction, commentary and an extensive glossary, which makes this publication accessible to a wide readership. In her opening speech, Professor Umeda Ghafforova presented an overview of Nasir ud-Din Tusi’s life and work, emphasising his contribution to Muslim philosophical thought and development of the Persian Language. In particular, she pointed out that the practical ethics in Nasirian Ethics, presented in conjunction with political and social issues, enjoins human beings to acquire qualities and ethics that uplift their spirits and enables them to achieve happiness. She also drew attention to the fact that in this remarkable work Tusi touches upon the issues of justice and governance, laying out prerequisites for just governance, which promotes prosperity of all subjects. Professor Ghafforova also presented the titles of chapters of the book and highlighted their main content.
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