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I am an educator by profession, pursuing my career further in the field of teaching and learning. I love to read and even more, love to share of what I read.

We Forget so we remember – Study

Researchers report new findings on how the human brain retains what is most important, and avoids being overwhelmed by trivia. By Lee Dye We accumulate so many memories that it’s a wonder our brains don’t clog, strangling us on the trivia of our daily … Continue reading

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Practiced to be a perfect lier – study

By Tia Ghose  The more you practice a lie, the better you get at it, say the results of a new study. Published Nov. 12 in the journal Frontiers in Cognitive Science, the study found that, after 20 minutes of … Continue reading

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My Third Calligraphic Art Work – Ahmad Ladhani

*Image size: 700×450 pixels. click on the image for Zoom-In view This is my Third tryout on Calligraphic Vector Art made by me. It still have some errors and some finishing mistakes but as per me its best of mine . So I thought I … Continue reading

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Aga Khan museum being built near Don Mills and Eglinton in Toronto

Ten things Toronto can look forward to in 2013 One year ends, a new one arrives, and with it hopes for something better. However irrational, that is the expectation for 2013 — that things will improve for Toronto. Let’s face … Continue reading

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On Facebook – Negative vs Positive

When his father died, Doug Anter of Royal Oak, Mich., called key family members, then put the news on Facebook.  By Christina Valhouli LIKE many women these days, Aran Hissam, 35, of Melbourne, Fla., posted the news that she was pregnant … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Disease Early Cognitive Problems Identified

Written by Joseph Nordqvist Early indicators of Alzheimer’s disease have been discovered and published in the latest issue of American Journal of Psychiatry. The findings reveal that people who are beginning to develop the disease often show problems with processing semantic … Continue reading

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Spectroscopy make Breast Cancer Diagnosis easy

Written by Catharine Paddock PhD The analysis of small deposits of calcium in breast tissue can help differentiate cancerous and benign tumors, but it is sometimes not easy to make such a diagnosis. Now a team of researchers in the … Continue reading

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