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Beating Your Kids Increases Their Risk of Mental Illness – Study

Children who are pushed, grabbed, shoved, slapped or hit are more likely to be diagnosed with mental illness. Just one more reason to embrace alternative forms of discipline. By Bonnie Rochman What if we, as a society, could cut down on … Continue reading

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Day-dreaming helps children concentrate, and makes them perform better in Exams

Just staring into space? Perhaps not By ROB WAUGH  Daydreaming could help children oncentrate – and even perform better in tests, researchers claim. The children also feel less anxious and more motivated to perform, according to a review of studies on … Continue reading

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Umbilical Cord Antiseptic Care Can Save Newborn Lives

Opportunity to reduce Pakistan’s high newborn death rate Cleansing a newborn’s umbilical cord with an antiseptic can reduce the risk of infection and death said a study carried out by the Aga Khan University’s Division of Women and Child Health. The … Continue reading

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Babies Picky About Who They Imitate

Babies are more likely to mimic the behaviour of people that they deem to be reliable, according to the study researchers Article by Remy Melina Babies are famous for copying adults, but a new study shows that little ones carefully choose whether … Continue reading

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Babies learn who to trust at early age

  You can fool them once, but babies will not be fooled again if adults trick them, according to a new Canadian study. Infants normally mimic sounds, facial expressions and actions they observe but researchers at Concordia University in Montreal found that … Continue reading

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Study Shows Children With High IQ More Likely To Subsequently Use Illegal Drugs

Written by Grace Rattue According to a study published online in theJournal of Epidemiology and Community Health, a high IQ in childhood could be associated to illegal drug use later in life, especially among women. The researchers findings were based … Continue reading

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Childhood Developmental Disability Rate Rose From 12.84% To 15.04% In 12 Years

Written by Christian Nordqvist In 2008 one in every 6.6 children had a developmental disability in the USA, compared to one in every 7.8 twelve years before – a rise of 17% – researchers from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control … Continue reading

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