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Day-dreaming helps children concentrate, and makes them perform better in Exams

Just staring into space? Perhaps not By ROB WAUGH  Daydreaming could help children oncentrate – and even perform better in tests, researchers claim. The children also feel less anxious and more motivated to perform, according to a review of studies on … Continue reading

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To Think Outside the Box, It Helps to Have a Box

Literally following metaphors of creative thinking—actually sitting “outside the box” to complete word tasks, for example enhances creative problem-solving, according to a recent study by the University of MichiganRoss School of Business professors Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks and Suntae Kim. To draw these conclusions, … Continue reading

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Sitara Akber – A Pakistani Girl sets New World record in G.C.E O’levels

Eleven years old Sitara Akbar set new world record in O levels and also holds the title of the youngest Pakistani candidate in IELTS. A Pakistani girl has become the youngest student in the world to have passed the British … Continue reading

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Ways to Inflate Your IQ

  Your Intelligence Level Can Fluctuate, Studies Show; Battling the Post-Vacation Dip By Sue ShellenBarger Many people think of IQ as a genetic trait, like brown eyes or short legs: You’re born with it and you’re stuck with it. Now, … Continue reading

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Babies Picky About Who They Imitate

Babies are more likely to mimic the behaviour of people that they deem to be reliable, according to the study researchers Article by Remy Melina Babies are famous for copying adults, but a new study shows that little ones carefully choose whether … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer and The Environment – Question & Answers

In your lifetime, you probably will know several people with breast cancer; an estimated 230,480 women in the United States found out they had the disease in 2011. Throughout their lives, women have experiences and make decisions that can influence their chances of getting breast cancer, … Continue reading

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Article: Disability is not a Curse.

December 3 was observed as the International Disability Day. Wheel Chair is not a curse and it shouldn’t be taken as a disgrace to Life.  Article By Kashif Qureshi It was just another day at work. I was enjoying my coffee and looking … Continue reading

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