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Alzheimer’s Disease Early Cognitive Problems Identified

Written by Joseph Nordqvist Early indicators of Alzheimer’s disease have been discovered and published in the latest issue of American Journal of Psychiatry. The findings reveal that people who are beginning to develop the disease often show problems with processing semantic … Continue reading

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Beating Your Kids Increases Their Risk of Mental Illness – Study

Children who are pushed, grabbed, shoved, slapped or hit are more likely to be diagnosed with mental illness. Just one more reason to embrace alternative forms of discipline. By Bonnie Rochman What if we, as a society, could cut down on … Continue reading

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Is Feeling Bad a Luxury Problem? or something else…

Health experts call these “first-world problems,” meaning the accumulated stresses of daily life and the negative emotions they arouse ByWray Herbert In Judith Viorst’s classic children’s book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Alexander wakes up with … Continue reading

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Olive Oil May Prevent Strokes In Older People, French Study

Older people who use olive oil for cooking, in salad dressing or with bread may be doing much to protect themselves against stroke, according to a French study of three cities where researchers found seniors whose diet included a lot … Continue reading

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Migraine In Children Linked To Common Heart Defect

Written by: Catharine Paddock There may be a link between migraines with aura in children and a common heart defect called patent foramen ovale (PFO), says a new study published online in the Journal of Pediatrics this week. About 15% … Continue reading

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Signs You Maybe Be Depressed, How It Impacts Pain And Other Ailments

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), when they screened U.S. adults for depression, they found that 1 in 10 reported that they were currently depressed. It is a condition that adversely affects people, even more than … Continue reading

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Depression Makes Losing Weight Much Harder

Written by Christian Nordqvist If you are trying to lose weight you might find it much harder if you have untreated depression, researchers from the University of Washington, Seattle report in General Hospital Psychiatry. They also found that an overweight … Continue reading

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