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Landslide Lake in Northwest Pakistan: Detail Report By NASA

*Image Size 720 x 480. Click on the Image for Zoom In View On January 4, 2010, a landslide occurred in the Hunza Valley of northern Pakistan. The initial disaster buried the village of Attabad, destroying 26 homes and killing … Continue reading

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Earth Day: 40 Years Later, The Problems Are Less Tangible And Tougher To Tackle

WASHINGTON — Pollution before the first Earth Day was not only visible, it was in your face: Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River caught fire. An oil spill fouled 30 miles of Southern California beaches. And thick smog choked many cities’ skies. Not … Continue reading

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How Dangerous Are Air Pollutants Really?

Through this system, it will be possible for the first time ever to channel substances from the air, under precisely controlled conditions, through the lung cells or skin cells, and simultaneously observe the reactions of these cells under the microscope. … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather Impacts Migratory Birds

Every year, hurricanes and droughts wreak havoc on human lives and property around the world. And according to a pair of new NASA-funded studies, migratory birds also experience severe impacts to their habitats and populations from these events. While this … Continue reading

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Mason bees fly to the rescue of failing orchards

Many readers would already be familiar with Colony Collapse Disorder and the mysterious worldwide disappearance of honeybees. Everything from mites to viruses to electromagnetic radiation are suspected as its cause and it is potentially disastrous for crops that rely on … Continue reading

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Environment: Lofty aims

By S. Mujahid Ali Shah The Karakoram Range in Gilgit Baltistan in northern Pakistan are the highest mountain ranges in the world. The snowy mount cliffs, glacier valleys and difficult rocky terrains with altitude from two thousand to eight thousand … Continue reading

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Healing of ozone hole could accelerate global warming

You’d think the healing of the hole in the ozone layer would be good news, but it seems that although every cloud is said to have a silver lining, they also have a gray one as well. The Antarctic ozone … Continue reading

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