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Pigeons can do maths – study

Pigeons may not be so bird-brained after all, as scientists have found the birds’ ability to understand numbers is on par with that of primates. By Joseph Castro Previous studies have shown that various animals, from honeybees to chimpanzees, can learn to count … Continue reading

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AKF: Reducing conflict between people and wildlife

WWF and the Aga Khan Foundation’s (AKF) Coastal Rural Support Programme (CRSP) are working to identify practical solutions to combat this human/animal conflict. One method is to make a mixture of oil, used car greese, fresh elephant dung and crushed … Continue reading

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WildLife: The Iconic Lynx is Close to Extinction…

A Lifeline for the Iberian Lynx Not since the time of the sabertooth has a feline species gone extinct. Earth’s most endangered cat could be next. By Jennifer Holland Photograph by Pete Oxford and Reneé Bish Its golden eyes have … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather Impacts Migratory Birds

Every year, hurricanes and droughts wreak havoc on human lives and property around the world. And according to a pair of new NASA-funded studies, migratory birds also experience severe impacts to their habitats and populations from these events. While this … Continue reading

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Mass Extinctions: What Causes Animal Die-Offs?

More than 90 percent of all organisms that have ever lived on Earth are extinct. As new species evolve to fit ever changing ecological niches, older species fade away. But the rate of extinction is far from constant. At least … Continue reading

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Wild-in-Danger: Whales no longer singing the blues?

Endangered blue whales appear to be singing a happier song according to researchers studying the haunting sounds these huge mammals broadcast beneath the waves. Specifically, a drop in frequency has been noticed and a list of possible causes have been … Continue reading

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Marine census reveals 17,500 species and counting living in the murky depths

“The deep sea is the Earth’s largest continuous ecosystem and largest habitat for life. It is also the least studied,” says Dr. Chris German, who along with hundreds of other Marine Life scientists from around the globe is shedding light … Continue reading

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