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Beating Your Kids Increases Their Risk of Mental Illness – Study

Children who are pushed, grabbed, shoved, slapped or hit are more likely to be diagnosed with mental illness. Just one more reason to embrace alternative forms of discipline. By Bonnie Rochman What if we, as a society, could cut down on … Continue reading

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Study shows Mom-Child Bonding may make them Stable in their Adult relationship

The bonding between a baby and the mother may affect the child”s romantic relationships later in adulthood, a new study has found. The more a baby is attached to his mom during childhood, the better he is at resolving relationship … Continue reading

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Babies Picky About Who They Imitate

Babies are more likely to mimic the behaviour of people that they deem to be reliable, according to the study researchers Article by Remy Melina Babies are famous for copying adults, but a new study shows that little ones carefully choose whether … Continue reading

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