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Spectroscopy make Breast Cancer Diagnosis easy

Written by Catharine Paddock PhD The analysis of small deposits of calcium in breast tissue can help differentiate cancerous and benign tumors, but it is sometimes not easy to make such a diagnosis. Now a team of researchers in the … Continue reading

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Malaria Kills 1.2 Million Annually, Double Previous Estimates

Approximately 1.2 million humans die each year from malaria, a much higher figure than the previously estimated 600,000 By Christian Nordqvist  The number of people who died annually from malaria between 1980 and 2010 rose from 1 million to 1.8 million … Continue reading

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Rheumatoid Arthritis – A Joint Disease which can be helped by Exercises – study

“Mindfulness” exercises, irrespective of how difficult they are, it can help to limit the stress and fatigue linked to painful rheumatoid joint disease. by Petra Rattue   A small study published online in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases reveals that “Mindfulness” exercises, irrespective of how difficult they … Continue reading

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Cookie Dough E. Coli Risk – Don’t eat Un-Baked

Written by Petra Rattue The latest perpetrator of Escherichia coli(STEC), a significant cause of bacterial gastrointestinal illness, is ready-to-bake commercial prepackaged cookie dough. The discovery was made following the 2009 investigation of a nationwide (USA) outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli. A … Continue reading

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It’s Flu Season — Watch Your Prejudices

By Wray Herbert I tried not to breathe too much on the elevator this morning. I was trying to avoid the germs of a fellow who clearly had the flu — or at least a really nasty cold. There seems … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer and The Environment – Question & Answers

In your lifetime, you probably will know several people with breast cancer; an estimated 230,480 women in the United States found out they had the disease in 2011. Throughout their lives, women have experiences and make decisions that can influence their chances of getting breast cancer, … Continue reading

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