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Email Scams – To be Proactive rather then Protective.

Technology have catch a drastic pace in past 15 years, and one of the benefit of these technological developments is world become a Global Village. By Ahmad Ladhani Communication between people in distinct race and language become possible. People become … Continue reading

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Brain-to-brain communication over the Internet

Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI) is a hot area of research. In the past year alone we’ve looked at a system to allow people to control a robotic arm and another that enables users to control an ASIMO robot with nothing but … Continue reading

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InterNet: Hackers stole data on Pentagon’s newest fighter jet..!!

The Internet intruders were able to gain access to data related to the design and electronics systems of the Joint Strike Fighter through computers of Pentagon contractors in charge of designing and building the aircraft, according to the officials, who … Continue reading

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InterNet: Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft is set to publicly launch Internet Explorer 8 early on Thursday, the latest version of its market-dominating Web browser. The application, an integral part of Microsoft’s eagerly awaited Windows 7 operating system, can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website from … Continue reading

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GooglE: Flawed but still awesome

Google’s new Google Voice has a few rough edges but for many users, it could be a life-changing experience. The service, a relaunch of GrandCentral, which Google bought in 2007, allows you to choose a local number, which will simultaneously … Continue reading

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