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Rheumatoid Arthritis – A Joint Disease which can be helped by Exercises – study

“Mindfulness” exercises, irrespective of how difficult they are, it can help to limit the stress and fatigue linked to painful rheumatoid joint disease. by Petra Rattue   A small study published online in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases reveals that “Mindfulness” exercises, irrespective of how difficult they … Continue reading

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Knee Pain Common In Older Women

Written by Catharine Paddock It appears that knee pain of some kind is a common complaint in middle-aged and mature women, with varying possible causes leading to varying types of pain. A new study on knee-pain patterns assessed periodically over … Continue reading

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Continuing Medical Education in Pakistan in Disorder

  “In order to provide continuously improving health care to their patients while staying informed about new advances in the medical field, it is imperative for doctors and nurses to take part in continuing medical education,” said Dr Wasim Jafri, … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer, Chemotherapy And Prolonged Fatigue

In a follow-up study, researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center and colleagues have found that patients who receive chemotherapy forbreast cancer might experience prolongedfatigue years after their therapy. The new study, published in the American Cancer Society’s current issue of CANCER, is a follow-up … Continue reading

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Sound may help to Visualise Objects and Strategies

  Imagine you are playing ping-pong with a friend. Your friend makes a serve. Information about where and when the ball hit the table is provided by both vision and hearing. Scientists have believed that each of the senses produces … Continue reading

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