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On Facebook – Negative vs Positive

When his father died, Doug Anter of Royal Oak, Mich., called key family members, then put the news on Facebook.  By Christina Valhouli LIKE many women these days, Aran Hissam, 35, of Melbourne, Fla., posted the news that she was pregnant … Continue reading

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Why Women Say ‘I’m Sorry’ More Than Men Read more

Women are more easily offended than men. In turn, they perceive more of their own behaviour as improper, requiring an apology. By Eric Barker Despite wide acceptance of the stereotype that women apologize more readily than men, there is little systematic evidence … Continue reading

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Why Do Cancer Rates Increase As We Age?

As we age, our risk of developing cancer increases, because our tissue landscape changes as we age. By Grace Rattue   The study is published in the journalOncogene. James DeGregori, Ph.D., researcher at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and professor … Continue reading

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How Knowing a Foreign Language Can Improve Your Decisions

Thinking in another language changes how people weigh their options. By Catherine Caldwell-Harris   The study of how people process foreign languages has traditionally focused on the topics we wrestled with in high school French or Spanish classes — botched grammar, … Continue reading

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The Science of Illusion – Study

By GRAY MATTER PINCH a coin at its edge between the thumb and first fingers of your right hand and begin to place it in your left palm, without letting go. Begin to close the fingers of the left hand. The … Continue reading

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Want to know the Language of Lies?

It turns out to be difficult to tell when other people are lying By Art Markman There are lots of cues that we believe will tip us off to whether someone is telling the truth. We expect people telling the … Continue reading

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Why we make Bad Decisions???

From Occupy Wall Street to on-line dating, our surroundings can dictate the choices we make. By Hannah Tepper  What role do our surroundings have in the choices we make? Consider the fact that we are more likely to commit a “random” act of … Continue reading

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