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How Knowing a Foreign Language Can Improve Your Decisions

Thinking in another language changes how people weigh their options. By Catherine Caldwell-Harris   The study of how people process foreign languages has traditionally focused on the topics we wrestled with in high school French or Spanish classes — botched grammar, … Continue reading

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Women have more Anxiety related Issues then Man – Study

Women are twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders, the reasons range from hormonal fluctuations to brain chemistry to upbringing to empathy. By Melinda Beck Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, chair of the department of psychology at Yale, says … Continue reading

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To Think Outside the Box, It Helps to Have a Box

Literally following metaphors of creative thinking—actually sitting “outside the box” to complete word tasks, for example enhances creative problem-solving, according to a recent study by the University of MichiganRoss School of Business professors Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks and Suntae Kim. To draw these conclusions, … Continue reading

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Chronic Pain Predicted By Brain’s Emotional Response

Chronic back pain, appear to show a different pattern in the region that handles emotional responses. Written by Catharine Paddock For the first time scientists have followed a group of people with the same new back injury over time and … Continue reading

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Exclusive: How To Give Up Smoking?? – Study

“It’s easy to quit smoking; I’ve done it hundreds of times.” — Mark Twain By Catharine Paddock  There are many different ways to quit smoking. Some experts advocate using pharmacological products to help wean you off nicotine, others say all you … Continue reading

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How lefties, righties see the world differently

By Joan Raymond Be careful next time you cast a vote. Your “handedness” might make you choose the wrong candidate, according to a research review published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. … Continue reading

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13 Common (But Silly) Superstitions

By Stephanie Pappas If you are spooked by Friday the 13th, you’re in for a whammy of a year. This week’s unlucky day is the first of three for 2012. And it would come as no surprise if many among us … Continue reading

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