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Practiced to be a perfect lier – study

By Tia Ghose  The more you practice a lie, the better you get at it, say the results of a new study. Published Nov. 12 in the journal Frontiers in Cognitive Science, the study found that, after 20 minutes of … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Disease Early Cognitive Problems Identified

Written by Joseph Nordqvist Early indicators of Alzheimer’s disease have been discovered and published in the latest issue of American Journal of Psychiatry. The findings reveal that people who are beginning to develop the disease often show problems with processing semantic … Continue reading

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Why Women Say ‘I’m Sorry’ More Than Men Read more

Women are more easily offended than men. In turn, they perceive more of their own behaviour as improper, requiring an apology. By Eric Barker Despite wide acceptance of the stereotype that women apologize more readily than men, there is little systematic evidence … Continue reading

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Want to know the Language of Lies?

It turns out to be difficult to tell when other people are lying By Art Markman There are lots of cues that we believe will tip us off to whether someone is telling the truth. We expect people telling the … Continue reading

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Why we make Bad Decisions???

From Occupy Wall Street to on-line dating, our surroundings can dictate the choices we make. By Hannah Tepper  What role do our surroundings have in the choices we make? Consider the fact that we are more likely to commit a “random” act of … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Chicken Soup for the Lonely Soul – Why Comfort Food Works?

My strongest memories of comfort from my childhood and adolescence are associated with my grandmother and her kitchen. Article By Jason G. Goldman   My grandmother was born in Sobrance, in what was then called Czechoslovakia on November 5, 1930. She grew … Continue reading

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