‘Informatics’ Name and The Half-Moon Logo


The Half Moon Logo

If I asked a question from you all that how many half moon exist in this Logo? what will be your answer then :)? well there is only one Half Moon exist in this 8 green cirles and 12 red circles. The combination has been made in such measurement that only 1 half moon will form. The Colour red and green represents our unique Ismaili Identity.

The meaning behind that half moon is that it represents our Ismaili Unity like these small big circles no matter what there position may be or there size, in the end it forming a Moon. 

What is meant by Informatics? 

Informatics (academic field), a broad academic field encompassing information science, information technology, algorithms, and social sciences. – Webmasters & Wikipedia –

In short information of about every field.

About Ahmad Amirali

I am an educator by profession, pursuing my further career in teaching and learning. I love to read and, even more, love to share what I read.
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  1. Benafsha Habibi says:

    Excellent, very nice and meaning full logo you have made for this blog, which shows the Ismaili unity (we are one team and there isn’t any difference between us).


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