Early Childhood Section


This section covers all the information and material regarding early childhood development.
NOTE: Some Info in this section are taken from the Official website of IIS London for detail Viewing do visit: www.iis.ac.uk

Ta’lim Curriculum 

Book: The Science of Early Childhood Development 

Article: ECD Health: Protein ‘key to premature births’ 

Book: Early Childhood Education Test Series Material 

Article: Early childhood development – The Issues 

Article: Inclusion of Children with Disabilities: The Early Childhood Imperative 

Article: Early Childhood Development Series – Vol – I

Book: Early Child Development in Social Context: A Chartbook 

Book: The Study of Early Child Care & Youth Development 

Book: Early Childhood Transition Reasearch: A review of theory, concepts & paractice 

Detail Article: Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health – What is it mean? 

Detail Visual Article: The Impact of Early Adversity on child’s Development 

Article:EC-Health: What Is Oral Thrush In Babies? What Causes Oral Thrush In Babies? 

Article:Children’s Fitness Can Be Improved By Physical Activity Programs In Schools 

A Brief Report: Social-emotional Development In Early Childhood 

Detail Article: Effects of Early Life on Elderly Health 

Detail Visual Article: Early Learning, the Brain and Society

Book: Food and Health in Early Childhood (A Holistic Approach) by Deborah Albon and Penny Mukherji

Book: Adolescent Substance Abuse By Carl G. Leukefeld | Thomas P. Gullotta | Michelle Staton

6 Responses to Early Childhood Section

  1. NOBLE Children says:

    Marvelous 🙂

  2. Shaheen says:

    is there any formal degree offered for early childhood education?

  3. husson says:

    plz sir kindly sent me a book at which i want learnt english

  4. Muhammad Ismail says:

    A good bunch of knowledge. It will help our ECD, Sedna ECD and Middle School Hunza.

    thanks a lot

    Muhammad Ismail


  5. Chae Rebuldela says:

    Great share. I really adore your blog. 🙂

  6. Rukhsar Shakil Chagani. says:

    Great Work.. 🙂

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