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Informatics Exclusive: From Karachi Pakistan to the Hollywood California – Sharmeen Chinoy

I don’t know what Sharmeen obaid-chinoy  wanted to be when she was a  10-year-old girl growing up in the Karachi, but she ended up  as a journalist  and bloody good she is at it too – Sam Wollaston, The Guardian, March … Continue reading

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Karim Aga Khan IV and his life’s work – A Documentary Video

The European media carry a convenient, ready-made world of the Aga Khan. The real person of the Aga Khan, however, fits into a single pattern: born in Switzerland, western educated, trained at Harvard, traveled widely in the Islamic and European culture … Continue reading

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Aga Khan Youth & Sports Board, Pakistan: JOSH Games 2011 – Gallery


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Combatting Malnutrition Conference – Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta

Combatting Malnutrition through Sustainable Interventions: EU-ASEAN Relations as a Key Driver; 8 November 2011, Brussels, address by Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta, Head of Division of Women and Child Health, Professor in Paediatrics and Child Health, Aga Khan University, Pakistan.

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“Bridging the Gap,” Francis Kere

Diébédo Francis Kéré, Architect from Burkina Faso, studied at the „Technische Universität Berlin”. He focuses on education as the developing concept for his country, in which he has already built an essential infrastructure. While he was studying, he founded the … Continue reading

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Mr. Al-Karim Haji – D.G Aga Khan University, Pakistan speaks about human capacity and resources

Mr. Al-Karim Haji, Director General and Chief Financial Officer at The Aga Khan University speaks to Ai about human capacity and resources at the Ai CEO Investment Climate Summit.

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Four Ph.D’s among over 300 Graduates at AKU’s 24th Convocation 2011 – Gallery

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Empowering Students to Change the Future – Photo Gallery

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H.H The Aga Khan’s view on the question of Terrorism in Islam

Aga Khan is questioned if Islam is a peaceful religion, and its connections with terrorism

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The 27th World Partnership Walk 2011

The 27th World Partnership Walk was held on Sunday May 29, 2011 at Metro Hall.  Interview with Aga Khan Foundation Canada CEO – Khalil Shariff at the Start.

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The Aga Khan School, Garden: Exibition 2011

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A Women Story

Violence against women is a critical public health problem that has devastating physical and emotional consequences for women, children and families. Women are frequent targets of both physical and sexual assault by partners and acquaintances, as well as strangers.

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Child Abuse – A Monster

Child abuse is more than bruises and broken bones. While physical abuse might be the most visible sign, other types of abuse, such as emotional abuse or child neglect, also leave deep, long lasting scars. Some signs of child abuse … Continue reading

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The AKDN Efforts: Involving Rural People in Development of Tajikistan

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Exclusive: Construction of The Al-Azahr Park Cairo, Egypt

“From Garbage dump to a Historic Park” Cairo’s combination of modern urban problems and historic importance attracted the attention of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and it was decided to give a park to the people of Cairo.

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MSNBC Exclusive: Aga Khan seeks to mend Islam’s image

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H.H The Aga Khan Interview on CNN: Building boom in the Middleast

Healthy Speed of Change By John Defterios Doha is a city that welcomes a slower pace – despite its breakneck pace of development – and it is where I sat down with the Aga Khan, the Imam of the largest branch … Continue reading

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